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Power Tools has been selling power tools along with hardware tools in Bangladesh for the last 20 years. Do you need something done fast? We have industrial pressure washers, automatic screwdrivers & circular saws. We also have rotary hammer drill machines, bosch drill machines, impact wrenches & chainsaws. But wait, there is more, demolition hammer drills & Dust blowers. Even, Jigsaws, Angle grinders & heavy duty sanders. We also hold Industrial vacuum cleaners. If you have any queries at all please call us now.

Quality power tools are necessary for both big and small home improvement projects. And whether you’re a professional contractor or a weekend DIYer, our unmatched selection of power tool brands will enable you to complete the task faster and with higher quality results. We have Makita, Ingco, Harden, Yato, Dongcheng, and many more branded tools all over our website. Get them at the best price in Bangladesh.

When workers are performing repetitive tasks, something unexpected occurs, they lack experience, or they are overconfident when using a tool, accidents on the job occur more frequently. These safety recommendations for hand and power tools help workers stay protected and productive:

  • Always wear safety glasses with side shields or safety goggles, and use a dust mask when working in dusty conditions.
  • Dress appropriately and keep in mind that appearances are not important. No loose clothing, ties, jewelry, or dangling objects of any kind are permitted. The back of your long hair must be tied back. It is advised to wear non-slip shoes.
  • If you’re tired, ill, distracted, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you shouldn’t use power tools.

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