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Vacuum Cleaner

Find vacuum cleaner price in Bangladesh. Compare and choose the best vacuum cleaner price in bd. From home to commercial or industrial, use on tiles, carpets, car and wood.

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How to clean a vacuum cleaner?

Like most appliances, a clean vacuum is most efficient. When it’s clogged up with debris, your vacuum works slower and with less suction. Cleaning your vacuum is a simple maintenance task that will help your vacuum’s performance. Cleaning a vacuum doesn’t require any special tools or supplies. If you’re cleaning a robot vacuum, be sure to keep liquid cleaners away from any small openings where it could reach electrical components.

How to fix a vacuum cleaner?

Try the steps below:

  1. The cord for your vacuum may eventually fray, split, or crack, especially close to the plug. If the power cord appears to be in good condition, the motor most likely has a problem. Take the vacuum to a repair shop to have the bad motor fixed.
  2. How to replace the belt that connects the motor to the roller on a vacuum. Dust off the old belt’s connection points with a paintbrush or toothbrush after sliding it off. Always consult the product manual for the specific model of vacuum you are using.
  3. It’s usually best to just buy a new vacuum if the repair cost is greater than 50% of a comparable new vacuum cleaner price in bd. Repair costs can vary greatly depending on the type of repair that needs to be done. For estimates on major repairs and replacements, contact a professional.

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