Aquade Chrome Shower Door Handle (Size: Standard)

SKU: 05-625
৳ 209.00
Estimated delivery date 2023/12/20

Furniture handle 350-128 Bsn/cp Dear

  • High-quality door handle from the trusted brand Aquade
  • Elegant and heavy-duty design for a stylish and reliable grip
  • Made from Glanzverchromtem Brass for durability and longevity
  • Chrome exterior finish adds a sleek and modern touch
  • Suitable for glass doors and shower glass screens


Upgrade the appearance of your shower cubicle with the Aquade Chrome Shower Door Handle. Crafted with attention to detail, this elegant and heavy-duty door handle adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. Made from Glanzverchromtem Brass, it offers durability and blends seamlessly with your shower glass doors and screens.


| Brand | AQUADE |

| Colour | Chrome |

| Style | Elegant, Heavy Duty |

| Exterior Finish | Brass, Chrome |

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