75mm Metal Round Head Glass Cutter Douniushi Matador Brand

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75mm Metal Round Head Glass Cutter in Bangladesh – fixit.com.bd

  • High Quality
  • Good Performance and long life
  • Excellent for making clean and accurate hole on glass and tile
  • Works better with a electric drill
  • These Diamond Bits are Capable of Drilling into Extremely Thick Glass.
  • Use a Low Speed Setting and Proper Cooling, Such as Water or Silicone Oil, to Ensure Longer Lasting Life.


Size: 75mm


Superior Performance :

Cut Holes in Thin to Thick Glass

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Douniushi Glass Cutter. Fixit has the best collection of Douniushi Brand tools including Adjustable Wrench, Lock Grip Plier C-Type, Round Head Glass Cutter etc!
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