60m Portable Laser Distance Meter UNI-T Brand

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UT391+ is a high precision laser distance meter designed for a wide range of professional industries
such as construction, decoration, property management, transportation, firefighting, gardening, city planning and management, water conservancy testing, and electrical power maintenance.
Its user-friendly setup enables distance, area, volume, Pythagorean measurements with LCD backlight for indoor and outdoor environments.
The device is the perfect portable, reliable and user-friendly measurement solution.

Model: UT391+
Accuracy: ±(1.5mm+d*5/100000)
Measuring Distance:60m
Unit: m/in/ft
Laser Class: 635nm, <1mW, Class 2

Continuous Measurement: √
Area/Volume Calculation: √
Pythagorean Theorem Calculation: √
Add/Subtract: √
Length Add/Subtract: √
Volume Add/Subtract: √
Automatic Calibration: √
Data Storage: 30
Battery Life: 8000 times of measurement
Auto Laser Off: √
Buzzer Indication: √
Battery Level Indicator: √
Levelling Instrument: √
Auto Power Off: √
Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ 60℃
Working Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃
Storage Humidity: 85%RH


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