Stainless Steel Black Handle Knife

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Brand: China
Type: Chef Knife
Material: Stainless Steel


Black Handle Knife Stainless Steel is a sharp, good quality and versatile knife. Check out the best Black Handle Knifeprice in bangladesh on Fixit. Buy Black Handle Knife online.


Maximum cutting performance
Ergonomic handle
Slices, chops, dices, and minces a large variety of ingredients
Designed for Restaurants, bars and culinary schools

Product Analysis:

This knife can easily chop, carve, slice, dice, and cut a wide range of foods, enabling every member of your kitchen staff to prepare your most well-liked dishes. This Choice knife is perfect for use in any high-volume commercial kitchen, as well as cafeterias and culinary schools because it is durable, lightweight, and reasonably priced.

Product Specification:

Brand: China
Type: Chef Knife
Material: Stainless Steel

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