RFL-Kleen Floor Jharu

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Type of Product: Jahru/Broom
Materials: plastic
Look stylish
Convenient to use


A brand-new, revolutionary method of maintaining clean floors is the Kleen Floor Jharu. With just one touch, the Kleen Floor Jharu handheld cleaner will make your floors spotless. It is simple to use.


Backed by rich industry experience and market understanding
Easy to clean 
It helps clean all things.

Product Analysis:

The Jharu is a simple and necessary tool for many reasons. It’s perfect for sweeping up dirt and dust, but it’s also the best way to get hair out of a carpet or to clean up after pets. It can also be used to sweep away cobwebs, leaves, and other debris. And when you’re done sweeping, you can just put the broom in the corner of your room and it’ll look great.

Product Specification:

Originating Nation: Bangladesh
Handle material: plastic
Uses: cleaning

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