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A number plate, also known as a license plate or vehicle registration plate, is a metal or plastic plate that is attached to the front and back of a motor vehicle and displays a unique combination of numbers and letters that identifies the vehicle. Number plates are issued by government agencies and are used to identify and track vehicles for the purpose of registration, taxation, and law enforcement.

In most countries, number plates are required to be displayed on the front and back of a vehicle and must be clearly visible at all times. The size, shape, and font of the letters and numbers on the plate may vary by country or region. In some cases, the number plate may also include additional information such as the vehicle’s make, model, and year of manufacture.

Number plates are typically made of metal or plastic and are designed to withstand weathering and wear. In some cases, they may also include security features to prevent tampering or counterfeiting. The specification of a number plate may vary depending on the issuing agency and the laws and regulations of the region in which the vehicle is registered.

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