Loctite 577 General Purpose Thread Sealant – 50ml

SKU: 21-015
৳ 1,680.00
Estimated delivery date 2024/03/16


  • Medium strength joints – The adhesive glue is medium strength and ideal for sealing cylindrical and tapered thread pairings commonly found on pipes and fittings.
  • Securing and sealing – The thread sealant secures and seals at the same time: The gaps in the thread are filled and the sealing effect is quickly achieved.
  • For metal – The sealant is suitable for threaded connections made of passive metals, especially stainless steel, as well as active metals such as brass or copper.
  • Chemical resistance – The application is very easy, as the metal adhesive does not runoff. LOCTITE also made the thread sealant high temp and chemical stress-resistant.



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