Harden Brand 500CC Professional Grease Gun – The Ultimate Solution for Lubrication

SKU: 670101
৳ 1,450.00


The Harden Brand 500CC Professional Grease Gun is a high-quality tool designed for heavy-duty lubrication tasks. Its durable construction ensures maximum durability and longer service life. With a smooth and consistent priming action, this grease gun guarantees efficient and effortless lubrication. The ergonomic lever grip provides comfort during extended use, making it an essential tool for professionals.


  • Heavy-duty cast head construction for maximum durability and longer service life
  • Durable follower rod and spring for consistent priming
  • Ergonomic lever grip for comfortable and effortless use


Specification Details
Brand Harden
Model 670101
Capacity 500CC
Construction Heavy-duty cast head
Follower Rod Durable
Spring Durable
Lever Grip Ergonomic
Application Professional use

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