Digital Safety Locker Without Fingerprints Yale Brand- YLEM/200/EG1

৳ 68,350.00


Yale takes immense pride in securing what holds the greatest value to you. Our Maximum Security Motorized Safes stand as sentinels, ensuring the utmost protection for your prized possessions. With added anti-drill plates in crucial areas and laser-cut doors, these safes set the bar for security against all forms of intrusion.

Key Security Features:

  • Anti-Drill Plate and Laser-Cut Door: Augmented protection against tool-based breaches, guaranteeing maximum security.
  • Lockdown Mechanism: After three unsuccessful attempts, a one-minute lockdown is enforced, deterring unauthorized access.
  • Clear LCD Keypad Display: Effortless pin code access via an intuitive display.
  • Internal Illumination: An internal light source provides clear visibility of your valuables.
  • Internal Organization: Internal hooks and a shelf facilitate neat arrangement and evident display of items.

Sold Secure Silver Approved:

This range proudly bears the Sold Secure Silver approval, certifying its superior security features.

Additional Features:

  • Motorized Locking Mechanism: Incorporating two 20mm anti-saw locking bolts for heightened protection.
  • Maximum Security Mechanical Override Lock: Equipped with a double-bitted key for added layers of defense.
  • Emergency Access Option: Utilize a 9V battery (battery not included) for swift emergency access.
  • Automatic Door Opening Mechanism: Embrace modern convenience through automatic door opening.

Tailored to Your Needs:

We comprehend the significance of your belongings and have thoughtfully designed our safes to meet your requirements.

  • Total Peace of Mind: Motorized locking mechanism, anti-saw bolts, and laser-cut door ensure comprehensive protection.
  • Streamlined Access: The 9V battery option guarantees swift entry during critical moments.
  • Contemporary Design: Our safes boast a modern design, featuring automatic door opening and an intuitive LCD keypad display for swift access.
  • Pin Code Convenience: A user-friendly 4 to 8-digit pin code offers secure and easy access.
  • Smart Status Notifications: Stay informed with the safe’s smart display, providing essential details, including low battery notifications.
  • Effortless Assembly: Clear assembly instructions ensure straightforward product setup.
  • Mounting Flexibility: Pre-drilled holes and included hardware facilitate both floor and wall mounting.


  • External Dimensions (H x W x D): 200 x 480 x 350 mm
  • Internal Dimensions (H x W x D): 190 x 467 x 280 mm
  • Net Weight: 18 kg
  • Volume: 24.8 liters

For us, it’s not just a safe; it’s a testament to the trust you place in us. Your belongings hold immeasurable value, and we’re dedicated to preserving that value.

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