Digital Safety Locker With Fingerprints Yale Brand-YFF/520/FG2

৳ 130,000.00


The new lineup of Yale Fire Safes has been meticulously crafted to ensure your tranquility. These safes have been purposefully designed to endure extreme heat and humidity, resisting attacks while offering a secure haven for your most invaluable documents.

Elevated Protection and Fire Resistance:

Two categories of highly resilient safe boxes guarantee an exceptional level of protection and fire resistance. Every Yale Fire Safe has undergone rigorous testing, both in our internal labs and by independent external testing institutes, proving its resilience against intense temperatures and humidity.

Furnace Fire Test:

A comprehensive fire test subjects the safe to a furnace, elevating its temperature to 927 degrees Celsius – simulating the intense conditions of a house fire. The cutting-edge fire insulation technology embedded within Yale Fire Safes ensures top-tier protection and maximizes storage capacity by reducing wall thickness.

Yale YFF Fire Safe with Biometric Access:

This model delivers a Biometric access mechanism, providing an impressive 60 minutes of fire resistance.

  • Advanced Biometric Swipe Fingerprint Reader: Enables registration of up to 128 fingerprints.
  • Added Security: Solid 18mm steel locking bolts and hardened hinges thwart attacks.
  • Emergency Access: A master reset code and external 9V battery contacts ensure access during a lockout or battery depletion.
  • Time Lock: Settable from 3 to 9 minutes (default 3 minutes) for added security.
  • Privacy Number Input: Real code preceded or followed by random numbers unlocks the safe.
  • Sealed Galvanized Steel Shell: Double rust protection guarantees durability.


  • Fire Endurance: Tested to withstand up to one hour of intense fire.
  • Internal Temperature: Maintains temperature below 150 degrees Celsius in a 927-degree Celsius furnace.
  • Certifications: Certified by SP (Swedish National Testing & Research Institute) and KS (Korea Standard).

Technical Details:

  • Exterior Dimensions: H522xW404xD440mm
  • Interior Dimensions: H410xW300xD300mm
  • Net Weight: 56kg
  • Volume: 36.9 liters

Embrace the peace of mind that comes with the assurance that your valuables are shielded by innovation and resilience. Yale Fire Safes – your safeguard against the unexpected.

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