Bathroom Cleaner Heavy Duty Zepto Brand Instant Disinfection – 5 Liter

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Bathroom Cleaner Heavy Duty Zepto Brand:

We know you have not used a cleaner like this!

Try it now.

It will whiten your ugly tile grout, it will remove watermarks, limescale & red rust stains INSTANTLY!

This will instantly disinfect any virus, bacteria or germs INSTANTLY guaranteed!

All you need to do is to try it once and we know you will be hooked!

Guaranteed satisfaction.



Zepto Brand Bathroom Cleaner

Unbeatable cleaning

Freshness for the whole bathroom

Removes tough stains

And kills germs.


Size: 1L, 5L


Product Benefits:

Strong Disinfectant

Remove the toughest of stains

Kills 99.9% of germs

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