Acetone 500ml Nail Polish Remover & More (100%)

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Acetone 500ml is a very helpful chemical used mainly as nail polish remover.

There are tonne of other things you can do with Acetone.

  1. Clean stains on cups and plates, and wash as normal

Great for cleaning an removing stubborn coffee stains and clean grease away.

  1. Removes scuff marks from the floor

Want to get rid of the scuff marks? Try Acetone. Put some on a cloth and work it into remove the scuff mark, and wash with warm soapy water after.

  1. Removes paint from windows

Little spots of splash back from paint work can be removed in a few minutes with soaking acetone on them. Once soaked it will have eaten away at the paint for easy removal.

  1. Dissolves Styrofoam

Putting Styrofoam in a bit of acetone will melt the product away. Check it out on YouTube to watch how it works.

  1. Clean and sanitize areas like your keyboard, phone and other areas

Putting the acetone on a cloth and wiping it over germ-prone areas will kill the bacteria and sanitize the area.

  1. Eliminate scratches from a watch face

For small scratches on unbreakable glass, you can rub in Acetone to remove the scratch of the surface levels. Just be careful with this one as too much can destroy your watch.

      7. Erase permanent marker marks

Simply soak a cotton ball in a bit of acetone and dab on the mark to slowly remove it away from things like walls, whiteboards, etc.

      8.Dissolve superglue

Ever made the mistake of using superglue and getting stuck? Using acetone can easily dissolve it away.

      9. Removes ink stains

Dont you hate it when you accidentally mark a pen on your shirt? Well if you dab a bit of acetone onto the area it should lift the stain. Dilute it a little bit and wash it afterwards.

     10. Get rid of stubborn stickers from glass and metal 

Getting rid of sticky residue can be such a pain, but with acetone handy it works to dissolve the gunk away leaving your glass brand new.

11. All kinds of Adhesive removal.

12. Thin your paint to make it flow more easily.

13. Smooth your 3D Prints easily with Acetone vapor.


Check out all that you can do with Acetone right here!

Great uses for Acetone.


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