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Dr. Fixit Super Latex is based on modified Styrene butadiene latex used for high performance applications in waterproofing and repairs. It is used for repairs of spalled concrete such as – floors, columns, beams, chhajjas, slabs & waterproofing of toilets & bathrooms & terraces. It bonds strongly to old & new concrete & plaster.



Multipurpose – It is multipurpose & economical product, easy to use
Cracking – It prevents cracking by improving flexural strength
Hardness – Improves the hardness & prevents dust generation
Shrinkage – Reduces drying & aging shrinkage cracks
Bonding – Bonds strongly to concrete, masonry, stone work, plasters, steel & mostof the building materials.
Erosion & corrosion – Improvers erosion resistance & prevents corrosion.
Abrasion resistance – Improves abrasion resistance of cement mix.
Waterproofing – Prevents leakage & dampness.
Durability – Enhances strength of a repair mortar & provides durability.
Rebound loss – Less material wastage- material does not fall back/ rebound, when used as bonding agent.
Coverage – Excellent Coverage -70-80 sq.ft per kg/ in 2 coats, hence economical.

Method of Application


  • Clean the surface with wire brush or scrubber to remove hidden dirt, loose particles, laitance, & dust. Degrease the surface by using suitable solvents.
  • Repair the concrete spalled portion by saw cutting the extreme edges of the repair location to a depth of at least 10mm to avoid featheredging & to provides strong substrate.
  • Clean the concrete surface to remove any contamination where breaking is not possible. Roughen the surface by light scabbling or grit blasting.

Precautions & Limitations

  • Recommended dosage to be followed to achieve desired results.
  • When working in hot temperature conditions, extra water may be added to the repair mortar to compensate for the evaporation loss & make the mortar workable.


Preparing the Mixes for Bonding & waterproofing applications

1 kg of super latex will cover 70 – 80 sq. ft. area in 2 coats for a proportion mix 1 : 4 : 7
(Super Latex : Water : Cement).

For Patching and concrete repair

Recommended mixing ratio: 5 kg Dr. Fixit Super Latex + upto 15 ltr Water 50 kg Cement + 150 kg Sand.

Shelf Life

  • Recommendations for other applications are given in above tables.
  • Best before one and half years from the date manufacture when in sealed pack and stored under proper condition.
  • Store in a cool & dry place in unopened condition away from direct sunlight.

Health & Safety

  • Use rubber hand gloves & safety goggles, while using Dr. Fixit Super Latex.
  • In case of contact with skin, wash with plenty of water.
  • Keep out of reach of childrens.


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