3 Ton Chain Lever Hoist Yato Brand YT-58966

SKU: YT-58966
৳ 22,199.49

Brand Yato
Size: 3 Ton
weight (kg): 19.0000


Yato Lever Hoist 3 Ton YT-58966 is a powerful, good quality and versatile product. Check out the best Yato Lever Hoist on Fixit.


Yato chain lever hoists are made for heavy-duty use in industrial settings such as shipyards, mines, warehouses, and production and transportation facilities. They allow for the effective securing of heavy loads as well as the lifting of heavy loads, structural components, and planting machinery.
The hoists have hooks that are specially made to increase work safety. A fully steel, anti-corrosive, compact, damage-resistant structure is what sets apart the new line of hoists. A precise lever mechanism reduces the amount of force required to lift loads.

Product Specification

Brand Yato
Size: 3 Ton
weight (kg): 19.0000

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