3/4 inch 500Nm Heavy Duty Torque Wrench Yato Brand Yt-07642

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3/4 inch 500Nm Heavy Duty Torque Wrench Yato Brand Yt-07642 – fixit.com.bd

Torque adjustment range: 0-500Nm

Drive size [inch]: 3/4 inch

Torque wrench by YATO.

It is used to tighten threaded connections with force at a precise moment.

The span of the key is 0-500Nm.

The tool works like a pendulum.

The YATO swiveling torque wrench is graduated in Nm.

The tool has an ergonomic plastic handle.

The whole is made of CrV 6140 material.

It is mainly used in automotive technology for precise fixing and wherever the manufacturer has specified the required tightening torque for the joint. The design of the key enables the operation of connections with left-hand thread.

How to use Torque Wrench Yato Brand When tightening a bolt or nut, when resistance appears, the indicator mounted on the head of the wrench begins to tilt, indicating the force with which the bolt or nut is tightened at a given moment on the scale



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