12-14 X OD 1 1/2inch Die Handle Yato Brand YT-2984

SKU: YT-2984
৳ 1,743.17

Brand Yato
Size: 0.3830
weight (kg) : 12-14 X OD 1 1/2inch


Yato Die Handle 12-14 X OD 1 1/2inch YT-2984 is a powerful, good quality and versatile product. Check out the best Yato Die Handle price in Bangladesh on Fixit


When used with round trowels, it can help repair broken nails and roscas or simply remove crooked nails and roscada. It is simple to use and safe to support rounded troqueles with adjustable tornillos.
Suitable for rebuilding existing roscas made of hard materials like metal or creating new hilts made of soft materials like plastic. It is used to enhebre soft steel, aluminum, indestructible steel, powdered iron, alkaline steel, and carbon steel. Suitable for general purpose understanding

Product Specification

Brand Yato
Size: 0.3830
weight (kg) : 12-14 X OD 1 1/2inch

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