20 Pcs Tap and Die Pipe Thread Cutter Set Wynn’s Brand

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Material: Alloy Steel
Adjustable Tap Wrench 1/16″- 1/2″(3mm-12mm)
Tap and Die Size:
M3 x 0.5
M4 x 0.7
M5 x 0.8
M6 x 1.0
M7 x 1.0
M8 x 1.25
M10 x 1.50
M12 x 1.75
1. Manufactured from hardened and tempered high carbon steel.
2. Plug taps are suitable for cleaning and re-threading mild steel and aluminum materials. This set is not supplied with any taper taps for threading new holes.
3. Suitable for cleaning mild steel or aluminum.

1x Set Metric Tap and Die Wrench



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