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Door Lock! has the best door lock price in Bangladesh. We have everything from round locks, rim locks, dead bolt locks, smart door lock, hashbolt  locks, wooden locks, fingerprint locks, sliding  locks,  medium to large handle locks etc. Our designs also fit any and all architectural styles from classical, contemporary to modern minimalist, we have it all. has been selling locks for the last 40 years. Buy from us to get the best shopping and delivery experience. Don’t be confused about which product is right for you, talk to us now, call us or use the chat we are here at your service.

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A range of systems, including wireless alarms and hidden cameras, can protect your family and your possessions at home. The most crucial choice, however, might be your door lock. The proper lock configuration secures entryways so that your home is easily accessible for its residents while remaining closed against uninvited intruders. Door handle lock can have features like keyless entry, Wi-Fi connectivity, or touchscreen control pads in addition to mechanisms for doorknobs and deadbolts. Here are the top door lock price in bangladesh to assist you in making the best decision for your house.

You can change a lock in a number of ways, such as by replacement or rekeying. Both strategies guarantee that previous keys won’t operate the lock. When moving into a new home, rekeying is a good idea, but changing out an old lock can be expensive. One of your first priorities should be to change the locks on your doors if your house keys are ever stolen. The best course of action in this case is rekeying. Modern locks offer state-of-the-art technology that enhances and makes home security simple. If one leaves the door unlocked while you are away, they can also alert your device.

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