Yale Y120D / 50/127/1 Lock (Silver)

৳ 5,700.00

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Product Description

– Yale Y120D / 50/127/1 (Silver) lock with compact design, very suitable for use in areas with severe weather such as the sea, wet places … 
– Lock body is made of The tough, durable, outer brass is protected by Satin Chrome layer, which is effective against corrosion, stains and rust. Boron steel frame is super hard, good impact resistance combined with 6-bin drive, has high anti-pry or lock ability. 
– Equipped with 5 keys that can be opened on both sides, providing maximum convenience during use. 
– Products are designed with safety 7/10, help you preserve objects and assets in the safest way.
– Yale Y120D / 50/127/1 lock is produced on modern technology line, meeting strict standards, ensuring high aesthetic and long-term use value.