Small Naphthalene Balls – 40 Pieces per Packet – Freshness, Protection, and Versatility

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Each packet contains 40 small naphthalene balls, designed to keep your surroundings fresh and pest-free.
Ideal for placing in wardrobes, drawers, and storage spaces to prevent moth and insect infestations.
The compact size of these naphthalene balls allows for versatile placement in various areas.
Protects your clothes, fabrics, and stored items from damage caused by pests.
Slow-release formula ensures long-lasting freshness and pest deterrence.
Convenient and easy-to-use, making it a practical addition to your household essentials.
Compact packaging that’s easy to store, ensuring you have an effective solution on hand.
Trusted for generations for its proven ability to keep unwanted insects at bay.

Keep your belongings safe and your spaces fresh with Small Naphthalene Balls – a versatile solution for pest control.
Safeguard your wardrobes, drawers, and storage areas from destructive moths and insects.
The compact size of these naphthalene balls allows you to protect multiple spaces with ease.
Preserve the quality of your clothes, fabrics, and stored items by deterring pests effectively.
Enjoy long-lasting protection and freshness with the slow-release formula.
Simplify pest control with these convenient and user-friendly naphthalene balls.
Maintain a well-organized and pest-free environment by having these small naphthalene balls readily available.
Trust in the time-tested effectiveness of naphthalene for pest prevention.

Product Type: Naphthalene Balls
Quantity per Packet: 40 pieces
Usage: Suitable for wardrobes, drawers, storage spaces, and more
Pest Control: Effective against moths and insects
Freshness: Slow-release formula for long-lasting protection
Versatile: Compact size allows for placement in various areas
Ease of Use: Convenient and user-friendly
Proven Solution: Trusted for generations for pest deterrence and freshness.
Keep your spaces fresh and pest-free with Small Naphthalene Balls, featuring 40 pieces per packet. These versatile and compact naphthalene balls are your reliable solution for long-lasting freshness and effective pest control.



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