Savlon Marigold Hand Wash 1000ml – Hygiene, Freshness, and Convenience

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Generous 1000ml Size: Provides ample handwashing supply for extended use.
Refreshing Marigold Fragrance: Infuses your handwashing experience with a delightful floral scent.
Effective Germ Protection: Thoroughly cleanses and defends against germs and bacteria.
Skin-Friendly Formula: Gentle on your hands, even with frequent use, preventing dryness.
Convenient Dispenser: Offers easy, mess-free access to soap with each use.
Long-Lasting Supply: Reduces the need for frequent replacements, saving you time and money.
Trusted Savlon Quality: A renowned brand known for reliable hygiene solutions.
Family-Friendly Size: Suitable for households, ensuring everyone stays protected.
Cleansing Efficacy: Ensures your hands are clean, soft, and pleasantly fragrant.

Continuous Hygiene: Enjoy an extended-lasting, clean hand experience that doesn’t run out quickly.
Aromatic Cleanliness: Elevate your handwashing routine with the refreshing marigold fragrance.
Germ Defense: Rely on Savlon for effective protection against harmful germs and bacteria.
Skin Care: The skin-friendly formula maintains softness, even with frequent washing.
Dispenser Convenience: Easy access to soap ensures a mess-free experience with each use.
Cost-Efficient Size: The 1000ml bottle provides a lasting supply, reducing replacement costs.
Trusted Brand: Choose Savlon for dependable and effective hygiene products.
Family Protection: Suitable for households, ensuring the well-being of all family members.
Complete Handcare: Savlon Hand Wash ensures your hands are not only clean but also refreshed and pleasantly scented.

Product Name: Savlon Marigold Hand Wash
Volume: 1000ml
Fragrance: Marigold-scented for an aromatic handwashing experience
Germ Protection: Effectively combats germs and bacteria
Skin-Friendly: A mild formula that prevents dryness, suitable for all skin types.
Dispenser: Convenient dispenser for easy, mess-free application
Family-Friendly Use: Suitable for households, catering to all age groups
Ease of Cleaning: A breeze to maintain for user convenience
Hygiene Essential: A must-have for ensuring hygiene in your home and beyond
Fresh, Clean Hands: Elevate your handwashing experience with the vibrant, fresh aroma of Savlon Marigold Hand Wash.



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