Savlon Handwash Lavender 1000ml – Gentle Lavender Freshness, Hygiene in Every Wash, and Family-Sized Convenience

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Product Type: Savlon Handwash
Variant: Lavender
Volume: 1000ml
Moisturizing Formula: Infused with ingredients to keep your hands soft and supple
Effective Germ Protection: Helps eliminate harmful germs and bacteria
Soothing Lavender Fragrance: Leaves your hands smelling fresh and delightful
Family-Sized Pack: Generous 1000ml volume ensures long-lasting use for the whole family
Trusted Brand: Savlon – Your dependable source for hygiene solutions
Satisfaction Guarantee: Experience the gentle effectiveness of Savlon Handwash Lavender 1000ml.
“Savlon Handwash Lavender 1000ml: Embrace Lavender Freshness, Keep Germs at Bay, and Enjoy Family-Friendly Cleanliness”

Elevate your handwashing routine with Savlon Handwash Lavender 1000ml. This family-sized, lavender-infused handwash not only ensures impeccable hygiene but also pampers your skin with a soothing touch.

Features and Benefits:

Gentle Lavender Freshness: Savlon Handwash Lavender envelops your hands in a gentle lavender fragrance, making every wash a delightful experience.

Moisturizing Magic: Infused with moisturizing ingredients, it keeps your hands soft and supple, even with frequent washing.

Effective Germ Protection: Say goodbye to harmful germs and bacteria as this handwash provides reliable protection for your family’s well-being.

Family-Sized Convenience: The generous 1000ml volume ensures long-lasting use for the entire family, saving you trips to restock.

Soothing Lavender Fragrance: Enjoy the soothing scent of lavender that lingers on your hands, creating a calming atmosphere.

Trusted Brand: Savlon, a trusted name in hygiene solutions, delivers a handwash that consistently delivers excellent results.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Experience the gentle effectiveness of Savlon Handwash Lavender 1000ml, knowing that every wash not only keeps you clean but also leaves your hands feeling pampered and smelling delightful.

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