Round Metal Mesh Food Cover Dome Coloured Mesh Food Protector Dome with Handle, Cake Fruit Cover, Dome Mesh Splatter Guard, Ideal for Protecting Food Inside & Outside

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Safeguard your delicious food with the YARDWE Round Metal Mesh Food Cover Dome. With its strong framework and easy lifting handle, this 30cm coloured food protector provides a strong barrier against dirt, dust, insects, and flies. The extra fine mesh allows for easy access and a good glimpse of the food underneath. Perfect for indoor and outdoor gatherings, this food cover ensures your food stays protected and stackable.


  • Strong framework and easy lifting handle for convenient use
  • Extra fine mesh made from tightly woven metal wire for optimal protection
  • Protects food from dirt, dust, insects, and flies
  • Provides easy access and a good glimpse of the food underneath
  • Lightweight and stackable design
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, perfect for summer garden parties


Specification Details
Material Metal wire, colored mesh
Material Iron
Color Red

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