Pkcell Alkaline (D) Batteries – Long-Lasting Performance

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High-quality Alkaline Batteries: Engineered for reliability and performance.
Long-lasting Power: Provides a dependable energy source for various devices.
Versatile Compatibility: Ideal for a wide range of electronic gadgets and appliances.
Leak-Proof Design: Minimizes the risk of damage to your devices.
Shelf Life: Pkcell Alkaline batteries maintain their power for extended periods.
Trusted Brand: Pkcell is renowned for its quality and dependability.
Mercury and Cadmium-Free: Environmentally friendly power solution.
Secure Packaging: Batteries are safely stored and protected until use.
Durable Construction: Designed to withstand varying environmental conditions.

Reliable Power Source: Pkcell Alkaline batteries offer consistent, long-lasting performance.
Versatility and Convenience: Suitable for powering your essential devices and electronics.
Device Protection: The leak-proof design ensures your gadgets remain safe from corrosive damage.
Cost-Effective: Pkcell Alkaline batteries last longer, reducing the frequency of replacements.
Extended Shelf Life: Stock up on batteries without worrying about performance degradation.
Environmentally Conscious Choice: Mercury and cadmium-free batteries are safe for the planet.
Peace of Mind: Trust in Pkcell’s reputation for quality and durability.
Ready for Immediate Use: Batteries are securely packaged for your convenience.
Resilience in Any Situation: Depend on Pkcell Alkaline batteries to perform under various conditions.

Battery Type: Alkaline (D size)
Voltage: 1.5 volts
Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of devices and appliances
Leakage Protection: Designed with a leak-proof construction
Shelf Life: Pkcell Alkaline batteries maintain power for extended periods
Environmental Considerations: Mercury and cadmium-free for eco-friendliness
Packaging: Securely stored in protective packaging
Durability: Designed to perform in varying environmental conditions
Brand: Pkcell – A trusted name in battery technology
Quantity: Package contains specified number of (D) batteries



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