Maxcell CR 1220 Battery – Streamline Your Kitchen Cleanup

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Product Name: Maxcell CR 1220 Battery
Battery Type: CR 1220 coin cell battery
Voltage: 3 volts
Capacity: 38 mAh
Long-Lasting: Offers a reliable and long lifespan for various devices.
Wide Compatibility: Suitable for a range of devices, including watches, calculators, and small electronics.
High-Performance: Provides stable and consistent power output for uninterrupted device operation.
Compact Design: Coin cell format for easy installation and replacement.
Leak-Proof: Designed to prevent leaks, ensuring the safety of your devices.
Trusted Brand: Maxcell, a reputable name known for quality batteries.
Versatile Use: Ideal for everyday electronics, from watches to key fobs and more.
Dependable Power: A dependable source of power for your essential devices.



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