Kangaroo Shoe Polish 50g Black – Timeless Elegance, Protection, and Impression

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50g Shoe Polish: Compact and sufficient for multiple shoe shining sessions.
Classic Black Formula: Crafted to rejuvenate and enhance the deep black shade of your footwear.
Solid Polish Composition: Offers efficient and lasting shoe shining results.
Protective Barrier: Shields against dirt, moisture, and scuffs, prolonging the life of your shoes.
Travel-Ready Size: Conveniently portable for shoe care while on the move.

Economical Quantity: The 50g volume ensures you have ample polish for several applications.
Renewed Shoe Elegance: Kangaroo Shoe Polish revitalizes the black color of your shoes, maintaining their polished appearance.
Efficient Application: The solid polish form guarantees a quick and effective shoe shining process.
Extended Shoe Durability: The protective barrier helps defend against wear and tear, ensuring longer-lasting footwear.
Shine Anywhere: Its portable size makes it ideal for on-the-go shoe maintenance.

Brand: Kangaroo
Product Type: Shoe Polish
Volume: 50g
Color: Black
Polish Composition: Solid for efficient and lasting results
Protective Properties: Shields against dirt, moisture, and scuffs for prolonged shoe life.



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