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Powerful Cleaning Solution: Good Maid Oven Cleaner is a potent formula that tackles tough grease and grime.
Easy Application: The convenient 400ml spray bottle ensures a hassle-free and precise application.
Fast-Acting Formula: Rapidly breaks down baked-on food residue, simplifying the cleaning process.
Non-Toxic: A safe and environmentally friendly choice, free from harmful chemicals.
Pleasant Scent: Leaves your oven smelling fresh and clean after each use.
Versatile Cleaning: Suitable for various oven types, grills, and other kitchen appliances.
High-Quality Brand: Good Maid is known for its reliable and effective cleaning solutions.
Time-Saving Convenience: Streamlines your oven cleaning routine for a more efficient kitchen.

Sparkling Clean Ovens: Say goodbye to stubborn grease and stains, achieving a spotless oven effortlessly.
Effortless Application: The 400ml spray bottle ensures precision, making the cleaning process quick and easy.
Time Efficiency: Good Maid Oven Cleaner works swiftly, allowing you to enjoy a cleaner oven in less time.
Health and Safety: Rest assured, as this non-toxic cleaner is gentle on your family and the environment.
Refreshing Kitchen: Enjoy a clean and pleasant-smelling kitchen after each use.
Multiple Applications: Use it for various kitchen appliances, simplifying your cleaning routine.
Trusted Quality: Rely on the reputation of Good Maid for effective and reliable cleaning solutions.
Simplified Cleaning: This oven cleaner streamlines the process, making your kitchen maintenance hassle-free.

Brand: Good Maid
Product: Oven Cleaner
Volume: 400ml
Application: Suitable for ovens, grills, and kitchen appliances
Cleaning Power: Potent formula for tackling tough grease and grime
Application Method: Convenient spray bottle for easy and precise use
Chemical Composition: Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
Fragrance: Leaves a pleasant and fresh scent
Compatibility: Works with various oven types
Brand Reputation: Good Maid is known for quality cleaning products
Efficiency: Fast-acting formula for time-saving cleaning


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