Fluffy Finish Refrigerated and Frozen Storage Container – Convenient Microwave Heating for Hot Vegetables

SKU: 26-5011
৳ 203.00
Estimated delivery date 2023/10/13


The Fluffy Finish Refrigerated and Frozen Storage Container is a versatile kitchen essential. With its unique steam effect powered by binchotan charcoal, it creates a fluffy finish for rice and other dishes. This container allows you to defrost and heat food directly in the microwave, saving time and effort. Its slim profile saves space in the freezer, and the double-layer construction ensures even heating. It’s perfect for warming shumai and vegetables too!


  • Defrost and heat food in the microwave without transferring to other dishes
  • Steam effect with binchotan charcoal for a fluffy finish
  • Space-saving slim profile for freezer storage
  • Double-layer construction for even heating
  • Suitable for warming shumai and vegetables


Specification Details
Product Type Storage Container
Brand Fluffy Finish
Material High-quality plastic
Steam Effect Binchotan charcoal
Microwave-safe Yes
Freezer Storage Yes
Double-layer Yes
Suitable for Rice, vegetables, shumai
Size Standard

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