Cutting-Edge Cordless Pressure Washer 48V – Power and Convenience Combined

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The Cordless Pressure Washer 48V is a revolutionary cleaning tool that offers exceptional power and convenience. With a rated pressure of 40bar and a rated flow of 3L/min, it provides efficient cleaning performance. Powered by a 48V Li-ion battery, this cordless washer ensures freedom from cords and offers a working time of approximately 60 minutes. With a quick 4-hour battery charging time, you can easily tackle various cleaning tasks without the need for a power outlet.


  • Cordless design for ultimate portability and freedom of movement
  • Powerful 48V Li-ion battery for reliable and consistent performance
  • Rated pressure of 40bar for effective cleaning power
  • Rated flow of 3L/min for efficient water usage
  • Quick 4-hour battery charging time for minimal downtime
  • Approximate 60-minute working time for extended cleaning sessions
  • No power cords or hoses to manage, providing hassle-free operation
  • Ideal for a variety of outdoor cleaning tasks, including vehicles, patios, decks, and more


Specification Details
Rated Pressure 40bar
Rated Flow 3L/min
Battery 48V Li-ion
Battery Charging Time 4 hours
Working Time 60 minutes (Approx)

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