3 Pcs Anti-Dandruff Combs Dandruff Brush Manual Scalp Massagers

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Experience a soothing and invigorating scalp massage with the ScalpSoothe Anti-Dandruff Combs. This set includes 3 manual scalp massagers designed to exfoliate the scalp, remove dandruff, and stimulate hair follicles. Made with silicone and ABS materials, these combs are gentle on the scalp and nails. The handle design offers a comfortable grip, and they are easy to disassemble for cleaning. Enjoy the benefits of increased blood circulation and the removal of dead skin cells for a healthier scalp.


  • Set of 3 anti-dandruff combs for scalp massage and exfoliation
  • Gentle on the scalp and nails, avoiding damage during shampoo
  • Suitable for both humans and pets for bath time or hair removal
  • Handle design provides a comfortable grip for easy use
  • Easy to disassemble for thorough cleaning and maintenance
  • Stimulates pores and hair follicles, promoting blood circulation
  • Removes dead skin cells for a healthier scalp


Specifications Details
Quantity 3 combs
Size 3.54 x 3.54 x 3.34 inches (each comb)
Material Silicone and ABS
Suitable for Scalp exfoliation, dandruff removal, scalp massage
Comfortable Handle Design Yes
Easy to Disassemble Yes
Promotes Blood Circulation Yes
Removes Dead Skin Cells Yes

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