100ml PVC Ultra Strong Solvent Cement M-Seal Brand to Seal Pipe Fitting Bonds

৳ 181.50


  • Easy to use
  • Leak proof
  • Strong fitting


Size:100 ml



1. Cut the pipe ends I square, remove dust by sand paper outside of the pipe ends and inside of socket.

2. Clean pipe surface with dry cloth or cleaner.

3. Stir or shake before using.

4. Apply a layer of solvent cement to the end of the pipe and the fitting socket .

5. Assemble pipe quickly. Push pipe fully into fitting using 1/4 turning motion until pipe bottom.

6. Hold pipe and fitting together for 60 seconds.

Allow 5 minutes for good handling strength and 60 minutes cure time for good bond strength.

7. Do not mix with any solvent.



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