20g HIT Anti Roach Gel to Kill Hidden Cockroaches

৳ 199.00

  • Description


  • Gel based cockroach killer
  • Apply 10-20 dots of Gel in dry areas and corners of the kitchen
  • Odorless gel bait attracts hidden cockroaches
  • Cockroaches eat the gel & die within 4hrs, after going back to the nest
  • Other cockroaches in the nest, die as they get infected too
  • Thus the entire nest of the cockroach gets killed in 2-3 days

Product Description

Every housewife dreams of a cockroach-free home without the effort of having to empty drawers and cupboards, covering food, etc. More importantly, once applied, gives relief from cockroaches for a long period. So here is the new HIT Anti Roach Gel, which is surely an answer to her dream. It is an effortless, non-messy gel-based product which attracts and kills cockroaches, even the hidden ones, giving relief from the menace for upto 45 days after each application.

From the Manufacturer

When you face a heavy infestation of cockroach in your house, you often consider pest control solutions to get rid of the roaches.

But did you know that normal pest control solutions are:

1. Unsafe – As they use harmful industrial grade chemicals which are not fit for home application and can adversely impact health of your family and kids.

2. Inconvenient – As you need to schedule multiple appointments to get the application done in regular intervals.

3. And it is expensive, very expensive.

Introducing, HIT Anti Roach Gel, a simple do it yourself pest control solution. It is an innovative gel formulation that attracts and kills the cockroaches and their nest.

It is super convenient, just apply 20 dots in your kitchen and see the cockroaches disappear.

The action starts soon after application and the entire nest of cockroach gets eliminated within 3 days. The effect lasts up to 45 days with just one application and the tube can be used for at least 6 months.

HIT Anti Roach Gel is odorless and safe to apply in kitchen & home because it does not contain any industrial grade chemicals or agricultural insecticides.

And you get all this for a fraction of a price!!!

How It Works

HIT Anti Roach Gel is an innovative product that eliminates cockroaches from its nest.


1. Kitchen safe and Odorless – Contains no harmful industrial grade chemicals or agricultural insecticide, and is completely odorless.

2. Application fast, convenient and non-intrusive – Just Apply 20 dots in various corners of your kitchen. Essentially just spend 5mins of your time for a cockroach free home.

3. Long lasting effect – One time use ensures that there are no cockroaches in your house for up to 45 days. HIT Anti Roach Gel tube lasts up to 6 months.

4. Great Value for money -Your home is free from roaches for up to 6 months, other pest control solution in the market will usually cost high.