4 Liter JDA Premium Fully Synthetic Extreme Engine Oil OW-40

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Brand: JDA
Product Name: JDA SN/PAO SAE 0W-40 Extreme Engine Oil
Weight: 4 Ltrs
Weight: Oil Weight 0W-40
Container Type: Steel Can
Physical State: Liquid
Odor: Petroleum odor
SAE: 0W-40
Color.ASTM JIS K2580: Light Brown
Density, @15° C g/cc: JIS K2249: 0.8422 40 °C JIS K2283 85.36
Viscosity, Kinematic mm2/s: 100 °C JIS K2283 14.83
Viscosity Index: JIS K2283 183
Pour Point, °C: JIS K2269 -51.0
Total Base Number mg KOH/g: JIS K2501 7.99
Flash Point COC °C KIS K2265: 225
Country of Origin: Japan
Shipping Information: —Self-catering-Dhaka

“JDA EXTREME 0W-40” is a premium motor oil formulated with high-quality synthetic base oils and with a race-proven additive technology system for maximum engine protection under the toughest driving conditions. Premium fully synthetic motor oil to offer strength under extreme pressure. It minimizes friction, wear and fuel consumption with excellent cold start characteristics. Suitable for European, Asian, and American passenger cars with high speed and turbocharged.



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