3 Pcs Set Door Lock Installation Hole Saw Kit Star-M Brand

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1) Use the template in your lock kit to mark the knob center and center of the door edge. If no template is provided, mark centers using dimensions shown in look fixing manuals.

2) For large lockset holes, use a hole saw and drill halfway through the door using a pilot drill in the center. Then finish drilling through from the other side of the door using the pilot hole as a guide.

3) Drill latch hole 7/8″ (22mm) past lockset hole using the wood auger bit.

4) Mark around the edge by inserting the latch and chisel out marked area so latch plate can be flush with door’s edge. Attach the latch. Insert outside knob with rosette plate, putting the spindle through the latch or engaging lock tongue in the latch grooves. Insert the inside knob with a rosette plate. Align to the outside knob and attach.

5) Set strike plate in place.

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