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1 Liter Handwash Zepto Brand Antibacterial Antiviral – Super Quality

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Hand Wash Zepto Brand in Bangladesh: Antibacterial Soap –

Zepto Liquid Hand Soap:

Zepto Liquid Hand Soap is the greatest Hand Soap in All of Bangladesh, Guaranteed.

We care about Bangladesh’s environment and people.

We do not use harmful chemicals such as Triclosan & Cocamide DEA,

which are common cancer causing and environmentally unsafe chemicals.

Zepto Formula is Antibacterial Antiviral Germicidal.

Use Zepto Liquid Hand Soap and keep viruses Miles away.


Features of Zepto Liquid Hand Soap Super:

Zepto Brand’s very own trusted Germ & Virus Protection formula

That keeps you healthy

And protected from 100 illness causing germs & viruses

Zepto Liquid Hand wash to protect

Transference of germs & viruses from your hands


Product Benefits of Zepto Liquid Hand Soap Super:

Sensitive skin friendly

A balance between protection and care.

And gives 99.9% germ protection in just 10 seconds.

No environmentally harmful or cancer causing chemicals used guaranteed.

1L & 5L comes in 3 different quality levels:

Supreme – extra concentrated

Super – medium high concentration

Basic – Medium concentration

Recommendations for Zepto Hand Wash:

According to Health Officials:

Please wash your Hands thoroughly whenever you visit a place.

Avoid touching your face without washing your hands.

Keep a hand sanitizer with you at all times.


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