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Soldering Iron

Fixit has the best offers of Soldering iron price in Bangladesh. To solder heavy-duty industrial to small-purpose serving. Here you will find all kinds of soldering products.

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How to use a soldering iron?

We’re going to “tin” the tip first. By having fresh solder present, heat will be able to conduct while the tip is protected. Clean and re-tin your iron after every few joins, and once more just before putting it away. This should enable a good product to last for many years. Hold a long piece of soldering stick in one hand and the soldering iron in the other. You should touch the joint with the iron when soldering two components together. An extremely oxidized, excessively dull, and grainy appearance is a sign of a bad solder connection.

How soldering iron works?

An alloy with a somewhat low melting point is soldering stick. A joint between two metallic work pieces is heated with a soldering stick until the solder melts. When applied to a hot joint, solder melts there. Hot solder wets the metals and connects them when the right metal and solder are used. The workpieces remain connected after the iron is removed, the joint cools, and the solder solidifies.

Safety Precautions:

Many people who have never used a soldering iron are concerned about damaging their tools, but the danger to yourself is more important. Wear safety glasses, keep loose clothing and hair out of the way, use protective gloves, be careful with your fingers, and wash your hands thoroughly after handling solder. It gets really hot (think, and solder itself is molten metal), so be sure to use caution. Solder can contain lead, so be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling it. It’s also really important to work in a well-ventilated area because the fumes from the rosin can cause damage to your. See below for the soldering iron price in Bangladesh.

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