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Glue Gun! Fixit has a large collection of Hot glue gun price in bd, including heavy duty, and for light use. Find the best glue gun price in Bangladesh here.

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How to use glue gun? Make sure there is no leftover glue in the nozzle. One end of a new glue stick should go into the circular opening in the gun’s back. until it stops, slide it in. Insert the electrical cord from the glue gun into the outlet. The heating element of the gun will start warming the glue stick inside on its own. Once the gun is plugged in, avoid touching the nozzle and never let it run unattended. Give the glue in the gun a few minutes to soften. Once melted glue starts to come out of the nozzle, slowly squeeze the trigger of the gun. Leave the nozzle in place and apply glue directly to the item’s surface. Smoothly dab on the glue in dots, swirls, or lines. Glue can harden.

Safety Measures: Before handling the gun or removing the nozzle, always make sure it is unplugged. Never clean a glue gun with water. In the worst case, you might just need to wait until the gun warms up enough for the old glue that was adhered to things to drip off. When not in use, place the gun on the wire support stand at its base. Never set a gun that is in use on its side. To catch stray glue strands, place a scrap of cardboard or foil underneath the object you’re gluing. To protect your hands from the heat and mess while using hot glue, try to wear a pair of gloves. Hot glue should be applied slightly thickly, but using too much can make softer surfaces stiff and possibly look bad. Browse below to see which glue gun price in bd is best for you.

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