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Window and Glass Cleaner

Consumers can make their homes sparkle and shine with just a quick spray and wipe of a cloth thanks to a household Glass or Window Cleaner. Make your homes sparkle and shine. offers the best quality Window & Glass Cleaner price in Bangladesh. Check it out now.

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Which Substances Are in Glass Cleaners?

The ingredients used in household glass or window cleaner vary from brand to brand, most producers use three main ingredients.

Isopropyl Alcohol

According to specialists at Iowa State University, isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol, isopropanol, or dimethyl carbinol, is a crucial component in a cleaner. On contact, isopropyl alcohol dissolves oil or grease and quickly evaporates.


Glass cleaner contains Monoethanolamine, also known as MEA, is a liquid made from ammonia. This is an ingredient that many household product manufacturers use in detergents and soaps, as well as cosmetics, hair dye, and pharmaceuticals.

Butyl Glycol

Butyl glycol, also known as ethylene glycol butyl ether or 2-butoxyethanol, is the most frequently produced glycol ether. Organic solvents known as glycol ethers combine the chemical characteristics of ether and alcohol into a single molecule. The chemical behind the sweet scent of this product is butyl glycol, a solvent with a sweet aroma.

All these chemicals are flammable and toxic, so use them with caution and keep them out of children’s reach.

You can clean all types of glass made products with these cleaner, like windows, car windows, windshields, smartphones, watches, and many more. Browse below to see the glass cleaner price in Bangladesh on Fixit.

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