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Air Freshener

Fixit has the best collection of air freshener. Rose, lavender, lemon flavour etc. Car Air Freshener and Room. Here you will find the best offers for air freshener price in BD.

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Instructions to use an Air Frshener

In order to make the most of our products safely, we advise reading the usage instructions. By turning the tiny bottle frequently so that the perfumed scent can be released by the cap, the Air Perfume Bottle fragrance intensity can be adjusted. Products for air freshening can be used anywhere. Depending on how high you set your car’s ventilation control, car air fresheners release fragrance.

Air fresheners are not toys. It is important to keep them out of reach of children and animals. It is equally important to avoid the risk of swallowing the product or allowing it to come into contact with skin. Moreover, by touching an air freshener, you are coming into direct contact with perfume fragrances, and if you rub your eyes, for example, you risk irritating them, just like with a perfume or any other cosmetic product. Using compliant products It is essential to use products that comply with the regulations in force in order to ensure the safety of users.

Instructions to use in a car

Utilize an air freshener that eliminates odors. To cover odors and leave a fresh scent, air fresheners in the spray or aerosol style can also be used in vehicles. Instead of directly applying the liquid to the seats, dash, floor, or roof of the car, spray it into the air. You can buy a spray designed specifically for cars, such as Chemical Guys, K1, or Armor, or you can use a common household spray like Lysol or Febreze.


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